Tangalle is a regional fishing port based in the Southern province of Sri Lanka, in the district of Hambantota. It offers the tourist nice sandy beaches, excellent hotels, water sports to include surfing, wind surfing, kite-surfing, whale and dolphin watching (in season) and the local Bundala National park and many more activities to enjoy. Bundala National park has been listed as a UNESCO site as of 2005 and hosts some 197 different species of migratory birds, off which the highlight is the Pink Flamingo.

Tangalle offers a milder climate and regarded as an excellent destination for tourists. It is situated in a large bay that is protected by a reef. The City has an old Dutch fort that has now been converted to a Prison. Tangalle history shows that the Colonial British used it as an anchorage facility. Tangalle has some remnants of Dutch Architecture, such as the Court House.