Sacred City of Anuradhapura (UNESCO World Heritage site)

This sacred city was established from a cutting of the ‘tree of enlightenment’, the Buddha’s fig tree also known as a “Bo” tree, brought to Anuradhapura in the 3rd century B.C. Anuradhapura was the historical, political and religious capital of Sri Lanka that flourished for 1,300 years. Lost in jungle for many years, this splendid site with its palaces, monasteries and monuments are now accessible once again. Anuradhapura was the first capital of the island, where you will find the Ruwanweliseya Dagoba, ancient marble carvings of Sri Lanka and the Samadhi Buddha statue. Anuradhapura is a must visit tourist destination for those who wish to see what ancient Sri Lanka was 2000 years ago.

The Sri Maha Bodhi, an off shoot of the Bo tree at which Buddha attained nirvana, lies in the center of the holy city. Planted in 249 BC, this is the oldest tree in the world of recorded history.