Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya (Mulgirigala Raja Maha Viharaya)

Mulkirigala is a Buddhist temple and monastery that dates back to some 2000 years.  It has many statues, wall murals, devalayas and caves to see. It is built into a rock that rises to some 672 feet from ground level with stairways to many terraces. Some 533 stairs lead to its stupa. Whilst ascending you can enjoy scenic views of local paddy fields and villages.

In one of its caves an important discovery was made in 1826 by a former British Administrator. This discovery held the key to translating the ‘Great Chronicles of Ceylon’, the “Mahavamsa” which was translated from Pali into English and then into Sinhala. This enabled scholars to study the history of Sri Lanka from ancient to recent modern times.