Arugam bay / Arugam Kudah

Is situated in the dry zone on the South East coast belt of Sri Lanka. Arugam bay was badly decimated by the 2004 Tsunami and since then the area has been developing slowly, based generally on private investment and some international aid by donors. The area’s economy is primarily based on fishing.

Renowned for its seasonal surfing, Arugam bay is visited during the months of July to October by surfers from all over the world. Its prominence has become a serious venue for the ardent surfer and International competitions are held annually. Its surf tourism industry is growing exponentially.

There are a number of prominent surf breaks, notably at Main Point situated at the south of the bay, Pottuvil Point, Elephant Rock, Whiskey Point, Okanda in the south, Peanut Farm and others.

Arugam bay itself offers suitable accommodation and good star rated hotels, restaurants and good local food, nice beaches, lagoons, historic temples.

The nearby Yala East National park which is known as the ‘Kumana National Park’, noted for its mangrove swamps, migrating water fowl and wading birds, such as the common pelican, painted stork, open billed stork, spoonbill, white ibis, varieties of herons, Indian darter, cormorant, moorhen, purple moorhen, water cock, winged stilt, whistling teal, and the little grebe are to be seen, including one of Sri Lanka rarest birds the black necked stork (Xenorhynchus Asiaticus).