9 Arch Bridge (Ahas Namaye Palama)

The Ella “9 Arch Bridge” or viaduct is an iconic railway engineering marvel created by British Colonial Engineers when Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was part of the British Empire. The bridge was constructed by using stone, bricks and cement, no concrete or steel was used in its construction. The bridge was completed in 1921 and its statistics are: height 24.38mtrs, width 7.62mtrs, total length 91.4mts and contains nine arches.

The bridge straddles two hills and a gully with tea plantations and forestry on either side.
A picturesque experience would be to enjoy a train ride between Demodara and Ella railway stations. Scenic aspects of the area are alluring where photographers could capture some wonderful images of the bridge and area.

At the end of the line at Demodara is the Demodara railway loop, this most interesting extension is a rail loop designed and built by Sri Lankan engineers that circumvents a mountain and from this point into a tunnel which then continues on its journey to Badulla.