The Sorabora Wewa

The Sorabora Wewa is a reservoir of ancient Bintanne, located 1 km from Mahiyangana town and built damming the Diyawanna Oya, during the reign of King Dutugemunu,. The tank covers 4.5 square km and contains 14.6 Million cubic meters of water at full capacity.

Sorabora Wewa also called the Sea of Bintanne, is unique as it sits between two natural sluice gates, one at each end of the reservoir. By cutting a deep canal into rock to act as the sluice for the tank, this negated any erosion of embankments by water pressure. By doing so the designed, tried and tested Bisokotuwa (overflow system) by its ancient builders has never had to be used.

Historic fable behind the Sorabora Wewa is interesting. This project was said to be the creation of a giant of a man called Bulatha. Bulatha is a person who supplied the King with ‘bulath’ or better known as ‘betel leaves.’

Bulatha was instructed by the king to build this reservoir between these two sluice gates. The king being quite impressed with the successful completion of this enormous task is believed to have in appreciation gifted Bulatha the villages on the catchment of the tank, whilst the king kept the water of the reservoir.